Under the Lifelong Learning Programme’s transversal key activity 4 “Dissemination and exploitation of results”, the CB4LLP consortium has started to incorporate Lifelong Learning Programme projects’ results into individual, organisational and institutional development strategies, to create and to promote new Capacity Building methodologies and practical tools for stakeholders at sectoral, regional, national and international levels.

CB4LLP consortium aims to revolutionize specific Capacity Building processes to bring up better LLP projects’ results to sectoral, regional, national and international stakeholders’ attention and to consequently enhance their level of ability to include them into their development strategies.


CB4LLP initiative focuses at two main target groups: 

– individual level targets, to tackle the individual stakeholders’ lack of competences in the valorisation of existing LLP projects’ results;

– group level targets, to face the lack of sound conceptual understanding among policy-makers, and to put the relevance of LLP projects’ perspective and results into their usual discussions.

 CB4LLP activities promote effective methodologies and practical tools that directly support the dissemination and exploitation of LLP projects’ results, and promote the exploitation of cross-cutting and EU-level actions.

CB4LLP consortium focuses at three main types of Capacity Building processes that must be considered as the activity objectives – Human, Organizational and Institutional processes – which are closely interrelated and complementary to each other:

1. Human resources development

CB4LLP concept sets up tools and methodologies necessary to equip Capacity Builders (meaning the action’s beneficiaries) with the understanding, competences, knowledge and training that enable them to access the information and perform effectively as individuals the incorporation of LLP projects’ results into their Capacity Building activities and strategies.

2. Organisational development

CB4LLP concept sets up tools and methodologies to facilitate the incorporation of LLP projects’ results into the management of organisations’ structures, processes and procedures, not only within organisations but also referring to the management of their relationships with the different sectors (public, private and community).

3. Institutional and legal framework development

CB4LLP concept sets up tools and methodologies that enable organizations, institutions and agencies at all levels and in all sectors to enhance their capacities to include LLP projects’ results into legal and regulatory changes.

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