CB4LLP International Consortium

CB4LLP started with 67 Associated Partners: 20 European associations and networks, 35 municipalities around Europe, several Chambers of Commerce, VET centers and non-profit organizations.

CB4LLP founders


The partnership is composed by a multifaceted network of organizations active in different and complementary areas and experienced in conceiving and implementing Lifelong Learning initiatives.

All partners contributed consistently to the foundation of the Consortium, providing their specific expertise as well as their communication channels, as described below:

EUROPEAN LLL FRAMEWORK: EUCIS LLL, made up of 24 European networks active in education and training, ensured the framework for dissemination and exploitation of project results and outcomes across Europe and beyond.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: EfVET, as one of the main European networks of vocational training providers, representing over 1.500 organizations across EU, fostered the adoption of LLL Programme outcomes within VET

HIGHER EDUCATION: University of Sarajevo, active in research and implementation of local development strategies, contributed to establishing the methodological framework for implementing capacity building processes based on LLL resources and outcomes of previous related initiatives.

DECISION MAKERS / PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS: Central Denmark EU office, Lapplands Gymnasium and SVAP (Association for Sustainable Development in Greece) represent stakeholders at local, regional and national level responsible for local development strategies, have supported the conception phase and the piloting actions

FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC PLANNING: Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe, a consortia of private banks active in developing financial products to support local development, have contributed by promoting LLL resources for capacity building processes in the banking sector

CAPACITY BUILDING PROVIDERS: European Minds and ASSET TECH, as consultancy companies have fostered their actions in the field of training, coaching and technical assistance based on implementing LLL resources within capacity building processes

PROJECT COORDINATION: CSCS has acted as coordinator overarching project management, ensuring the dissemination and exploitation of the results and tools developed within LLL related initiatives via capacity building processes.

The network members of EUCIS LLL, representing key players from civil society and complementary education sectors, constitute a powerful channel securing a wide communication and potential impact across Europe, going beyond the contractual period. EUCIS LLL members include, among others, CONTACT 2103, DARE, EAEA, EAICY, ECSWE, ECNAIS, EDEN, EFEC, EFFE, EFIL, EfVET, EPA, EUROCLIO, EURASHE, AEGEE, ESHA, ESN, ETDF, EUCA, EUCEN, EUROWEA, EVTA, FEECA, FEDEC, FICEMEA, IAEC, ISCA, OBESSU, SOLIDAR, UNIQUE.

The partnership with its associated partners represents a strategic consortium with potential impact on different sectors of education including vocational training, higher education as well as non formal education.


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