LLP & CB: the state of the art

Lifelong Learning Programme & Capacity Building: the state of the art

International research and evidence show that those responsible for development strategies, either at sector, regional or national level, tend to be relatively isolated, often relying on their personal abilities and contacts, lacking of a solid background of information on methodologies, tools and good practices emerging form Lifelong Learning Programme and related initiatives.


This is even more true when considering the extremely week degree of cooperation among decision makers and actors from public administration, which is unfortunately also reflected by an extremely poor cooperation among different fields of education, such as VET, higher and non formal education.

The project aims to overcome these barriers and to promote cooperation and synergies among different players by sharing methodologies, tools and good practices with a wide audience, primarily with decision makers, public administrators and educational providers, and thus contribute the integration of LLL results and tools within capacity building processes.

The benefits of LLL strategies and methodologies, as underlined by the EU2020 strategy, need to be recognized across Europe as a priority by both policy makers and by the educational providers.

Despite the increase of attention and funding, however, very few local development actors actively recognize the value of and adopt LLL-related outcomes and tools within their operations.

The project is a concrete and focused initiative that aims at changing these trends, stimulating educational providers to support and cooperate with decision makers and public administrators to adopt procedures and methodologies allowing LLL strategies to inform and support local development actions.

The participation of the main representative of LLL in Europe, EUCIS-LLL, ensures a wide geographical coverage of all European countries (and beyond) and thus guarantees a significant potential impact on a wide audience of educational providers, decision-makers and public administrators.

Furthermore, the activities undertaken within the Thematic Commissions, given their focus on establishing piloting actions via participation and involvement of key stakeholders in different European countries will secure a strong European added value and impact.

The joint dissemination and exploitation campaigns promoted by the project will guarantee a strong European added value thanks to the extensive network of partners and the stakeholders contributing to the success of various pilot initiatives focused on the different policy themes as defined by the Thematic Commissions.


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