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I am a graduated in computer science. I am working in an ICT SME located close to Pisa since 2001. At the beginning I was a simple employee but now, thanks to my vocation for training and my academic background, I have developed a new sector in the company that provides ICT education and training for adults, and I became the director of this training centre.
At the beginning I start with the coordination of the teachers, the didactical resources, along with planning the lessons. From 2009 when I became one of the owner of the company, I manage the financial resources of the training department.
In 2010 I attended a training course at CSCS called “IDOL International Development Officer – validation of informal and non-formal Learning” . thank to this experience I discovered the opportunities of LLP Programme and I started to fill my first app form to ask a grant to be a participant in a cedefop study visit. CSCS personnel help me to understand how is important to use the limited number of characters in each section. And after I have write a lot of projects some of that are financed other not but I work on to update and try again! Every time I open an e-form I think to my evaluation and how to do a good use of characters number like as my first project.
Nowadays NKey s a flexible structure that arises as a meeting point providing education to develop a network of international research collaborations and is sustainable with the times.
Nkey provide training services/courses for adult, businesses, bodies, schools and training agencies.I cooperates with various realities from the world of work and training in the field of Private/Public sector.

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