Etelberto Costa

etelberto EUCIS-LLL

Etelberto Costa is member of the board of APG. He is also member of European Working Groups for the Future of Learning, the LLL Stakeholders Forum and the Efquel Forum. He is vice-president of ETDF – the European Training and Development Federation. In October 2007 he coordinated a partnership for the production of the and in 2009, the of the EU eLearning Conference in the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Animator and organiser of a vision for Portugal of LifeLong Learning, he contributed to found the Pt Learning Working Group in 2010. Within APG, he is now involved in the LLP GREAT project (financed by the LLP (Leonardo da Vinci) and the Oportunidade2020 project also financed by the EU. He is also part of the board of the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL).

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