Strong capacity builders on reducing early school leavers

There is no need to invent the wheel twice. This is the basic idea behind three workshops on how to reduce early school leaving in vocational education and training. The first of three workshops will take place on the 10th December in Aarhus in Denmark, and here, representatives from different vocational schools and trainings institutions will come together to experience that other vocational schools and educational institutions in other European countries may have knowledge and experience of approaches and methods that can be applied to a Danish context and through this help stakeholders to address the issue with early school leaving.

Early school leaving has been a subject for discussion at European level and also in Denmark for several years. One of the main target in the 10-year strategy in the EU, Europe 2020, concerns early school leaving, and the within the Lifelong Learning Programme early school leaving has been a priority during the last quite a few years. Therefore, there are lots of reasons to believe that new knowledge, new methods and tools are available as results of some of the many projects being funded by this programme.

The workshop in Aarhus will improve the capacity of educational providers to benefit from available results on how to reduce early school leaving. A first task will be to define the needs for knowledge and methods, they may have in this area. This will be used at the basis for searching through the funded Lifelong Learning Programme projects to find relevant and interesting projects that can be further examined for an eventual uptake of available methods and results.

Later on, the results of this research will be compiled in an action plan to be implemented at individual institutions in close cooperation with their intentions and strategies on reducing early school leaving. Moreover, the attendees will be invited to register as Capacity Builders at the CB Community, benefitting from the exchange of knowledge and experience on the issue with other stakeholders from all over Europe. Even though, educational systems vary from country to country it is a fact the practice can inspire and be transferred with success to other learning environments and educational systems.

The workshops are organized by Green Academy and Central Denmark EU Office in cooperation.

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