CB4LLP at his 1st year turning point

Capacity Building for Lifelong Learning Programme  is the Key Action 4, EC financed initiative, aimed to overcome existing barriers between responsible for development strategies and the information on methodologies, tools and good practices emerging form Lifelong Learning Programme and related initiatives.

CB4LLP Consortium started in 2011 with 67 Associated Partners: 20 European associations and networks, 35 municipalities around Europe, several Chambers of Commerce, VET centers and non-profit organizations and is now at his first year turning point with a lot of results and opportunities for the future.


The CB4LLP Consortium is very active in terms of new memberships, having signed various new cooperation agreements with regional governments, universities and private organizations and having established the conditions for supporting local and regional development actions in the territories where these organizations are based.

The CB4LLP Consortium is now active in the diffusion of his Guidebook and for this reason there are open negotiations with Jaguar Land Rover in England, with major public educational providers in China, where CB4LLP Consortium representative Giovanni Crisonà  has been recently invited to discuss these opportunities and with many other public and private stakeholders in Europe, Pacific area, Asia and Canada.

In Italy, the Regional Agency for Employment of Sardinia Region has started a cycle of activities promoted in conjunction with CB4LLP giving concrete results with the opening of the MOVE desk, as a service on mobility initiatives dedicated to all citizens from the region, totally inspired and designed through the valorization of existing free LLP resources. Many other initiatives are ongoing in north Europe, Sarajevo, Turkey and in other countries.

Despite the increase of attention and funding, however, not enough local development actors actively recognize yet the value of the adoption of LLL-related outcomes and tools within their operations and for this reason the CB4LLP Consortium is also promoting a large dissemination campaign siding the initiative with high visible CB4LLP Ambassadors, who can well highlight CB4LLP value all over the world.

The CB4LLP website has been now ended and it provides numerous services and resources related to the past, the ongoing and the future activities of CB4LLP Consortium, offering also the opportunity of free online services and stimulating, with his contents, educational providers to support and cooperate with decision makers and public administrators to adopt LLP procedures and methodologies.

All the CB4LLP initiatives and materials are available for free at the capacitybuilding.eu website and the most relevant news can be obtained reading the CB4LLP Magazine, at his first edition, with international and local events inside.

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