TNAM – Territorial Needs Analysis Method

The TNAM, Territorial Needs Analysis Method, is a specific CB4LLP Consortium’s tool to guide capacity builders in the complex process of identifying and implementing positive solutions and projects to their challenges or problems.

In effect, TNAM represents the core value of CBLLP method, considered that all other activities and tools provided by CB4LLP Consortium orbit around it. This tool helps stakeholders to identify the most appropriate projects, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, in coherence with their own challenges, contexts or strategic objectives, while the following questions focus on how to adopt and integrate the outcomes of such initiatives within their own context and how to evaluate the overall impact of the capacity building process. Different stakeholders and social actors have clearly different needs but also have different levels of power and control over decision-making processes. This means that those different needs, motivations and agendas must be recognized and understood in order to negotiate and generate a broader consensus on and around issues and projects to be designed and the most appropriate way to develop them.


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