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Part One

TNAM Initiative / project description





mTransition provides VET learners with pastoral and academic support through an innovative learning mobile app. The app is an individual learning & development planning tool, incorporating social media functionality to enable a tutor and learner to negotiate then execute an inidivual learning plan (ILP). 

mTransition provides a free open source mobile app & Moodle based learning management system to support VET learners. The app allows learners to view, update and receive progress reports against targets set in personal learning plans. Tutors work alongside learners to monitor progress towards agreed targets and offer additional online resources and support via the app’s instant messaging facility. The convenience of being able to communicate with a tutor anytime, anyplace, means that learners are more likely to remain focussed and motivated to complete their studies. 

Keywords / TAGS
mobile app, learners, ILP

Coordinator contact details

Stefano Tirati

Coordinator Country

UK, Ireland, Germany

Coordinator Region (NUTS code)



Education providers


  • Higher Education
  • ICT

Target Groups

  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Other


  • Best practice


  • Information and Communication
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

Educational sector

  • General secondary
  • Vocational/Technical secondary
  • Higher education


additional info if needed


Your Project language (ISO 639-2)
Languages you will look for
english, italian

Part Two

TNAM results

1. LLP project or related resource

    m-Learning Manager
    Mobile technology offers unprecedented possibilities for combining the strengths of formal and non-formal education and professional internship. For the first time in the history of the use of technology in education and training, is a technology that will cost the learners nothing, because they own the technology to be used.

2. LLP project or related resource

    The mCommunity project has developed a mobile app for teaching and learning based on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with an individual learning and planning tool (eILP) and facilities to incorporate instant messaging and social media functionality.
    The project uses mobile technology including smartphones and tablet devices as a mechanism to improve engagement of those Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs) through the combination of one-to-one support from a dedicated mTutor and the delivery of learning, skills and qualifications to improve employment and education opportunities. The project has also used the same technology to aid staff development and improve access to courses and learning within businesses through tailored support for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

3. LLP project or related resource

    E-business Mobile Training – use of mobile Performance Support System for acquiring e-business manag
    We are living at the beginning of a new Era of “Knowledge Society” in which tremendous changes are undergoing in education. Ways of acquiring new knowledge have been strongly influenced by the ICT by which we are surrounded every day in almost every aspect of our life. The rapid grow of mobile devices has dramatically changed the way we communicate and we get the information and without no doubt has become an important driver of innovation in learning. Mobile computing is one of the fastest growing areas within the technology industry worldwide, which make possible to envisage an audience for mobile learning content which is media rich, collaborative and always available to the user. Nowadays learning can be characterized by a preference for receiving information quickly, coupled with the ability to process it rapidly, a heavy reliance on ICTs for information access and communication, and a preference for active involvement in learning over passive learning in lectures. Moreover, the traditional educational systems of VET should go in the direction of training closely related to the job. Therefore, new methodological approaches are needed in order to make the best use of the potential of the mobile devices.

4. LLP project or related resource

    Mobile Web 2.0 e-Training for Vocational Education Trainers
    The MOBIVET 2 project, aims to fill the online training gap between the self-directed learners and VET Trainers. With the tools being provided, MOBIVET 2 will be able to turn these trainers from in-class trainers to skilled online mobile tutors.
    The project aims to achieve this with the creation of a mobile eLearning 2.0 Tool; including a course, a handbook and a didactic guide.

Part Three

CB4LLP Action Plan

Useful ideas

Expertise in development of mobile applications.


IT developers, Educational providers, Learners


IT developers, Educational providers,


The mCommunity project ( has investigated how mobile technology can support and teach NEETs and has resulted an innovative mobile learning app. The app is an electronic individual learning and development planning tool (eILP) , integrated with Moodle that incorporates social media functionality and enables a mentor and learner negotiate then execute a learning and development plan. The mobile app and Moodle portal are a communication and collaboration tool that support both content delivery and a real time active learning environment.


The aim of this project is to transfer the app to address problems in VET learners at risk of becoming NEET, immigrant VET learners and learning mobility in order to demonstrate the app’s applicability to VET in general.
The objectives are:
• Adapt the pedagogical framework and the app to use in the three new VET learning contexts
• Evaluate the app used with VET learners at risk to prevent they from becoming NEET
• Evaluate the app used with immigrant VET learners to support them in overcoming barriers of language and integration
• Evaluate the app in learning mobility to address the problems of (i) communication between involved parties; (ii) the recording of learners’ non-formal learning experiences systematically
• Evaluate the role of the app in the ECVET framework for learning mobility programmes
• Disseminate the results of the evaluations of the use of the app to the wider VET community


The app is an innovative ICT-based service designed to help learners focus on their personal development and improving their knowledge, skills to enhance their qualifications and employability. By using the app the three parties involved in a work placement will be able to communicate and manage the learning experience of the learner. The learner will also be able to update their progress against each element of their work placement learning plan.






website, leaflet

Educational Sector

mobile app

Non educational



mobile app

Systems for quality monitoring

project evaluator, assessing the success of the project and providing advice and guidance throughout based on their knowledge and experience of undertaking research and development work in adult education, including VET. NIACE will also act as a support dissemination partner based on their role as national UK coordinator for European Lifelong Learning and subsequent range of contacts and networks.

Systems to document taken actions

Downloadable app, guidelines

Part Four

CB4LLP Impact analysis

Useful ideas















04_useful_ideas (value): 8
04_useful_ideas (text): 8

04_stakeholders (value): 9
04_stakeholders (text): 9

04_partnerships (value): 9
04_partnerships (text): 9

04_other (value): 8
04_other (text): 8

04_solutions (value): 7
04_solutions (text): 7

04_general (value): 9
04_general (text): 9

04_particular (value): 7
04_particular (text): 7

04_internal (value): 9
04_internal (text): 9

04_external (value): 9
04_external (text): 9

04_educational (value): 10
04_educational (text): 10

04_noneducational (value): 6
04_noneducational (text): 6

04_equipment (value): 10
04_equipment (text): 10

04_systems_monitor (value): 8
04_systems_monitor (text): 8

04_systems_actions (value): 7
04_systems_actions (text): 7

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