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Part One

TNAM Initiative / project description


Perfect Match – Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences



The aim of the project is to imrove the quality and quantity of transnational mobility. The project increases the co-operation between VET institutions and enterprises to find and match trainees to the enterprises. The focus of the project in n the co-operation between working life and VET institutions.

Keywords / TAGS
matching, traineeship, sending organisation, hosting organisation

Coordinator contact details

Stefano Tirati

Coordinator Country

UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain

Coordinator Region (NUTS code)



teachers, sending and receiving organisations, SMEs


  • Enterprise and SMEs
  • Initial training
  • Labour market
  • Vocational guidance

Target Groups

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Teachers
  • Trainers


  • Best practice
  • Methods for Training of Teachers/Staff
  • European Credit Transfer System for VET


  • Education

Educational sector

  • Vocational/Technical secondary
  • Special education for disabled persons
  • Centres for guidance, counselling or accreditation


additional info if needed


Your Project language (ISO 639-2)
Languages you will look for
english, italian

Part Two

TNAM results

1. LLP project or related resource

    Mobility Coach
    A traineeship abroad offers young people the opportunity to acquire professional competences and develop skills crucial for their labour market integration. But for many of Europe’s young people and small and medium companies, this type of mobility is still not a realistic opportunity. Only a small group reaps the benefits of these mobilities and some groups, such as young people at risk are particularly under-represented. The overall aim of the ‘Mobility Coach’ project is to motivate these young people to participate in a learning mobility as well as to support companies with hosting them as trainees. The project partners will develop training modules for the training instructors of a company so that they will be able to integrate the incoming trainees optimally into the work process of the company. After the end of the project period, the training modules will be made available for all interested companies and vocational schools in the form of a digital guide.

2. LLP project or related resource

    Workplacement IV: New forms for international cooperation between schools and enterprises
    This mobility project has enabled the pupils of the business schools of Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien a three weeks’ traineeship in enterprises in the Czech and Slovakian Republic as well as in Hungary. In the summer months July and August 2012 and 2013 a total of 26 students participated in this project.

    Basis is a school-partnership between the business schools of Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien and schools in Bratislava (Slovakian Republic), Brno (Czech Republic), Székesfehérvár (Hungary) and Pleven (Bulgaria) within the educational initiative CROSSOVER for the last twelve years.

    For promoting their personal development, their employability and their participation in the European labour market the students were supported by the acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications. They attended preparatory language courses for their stay abroad.
    Accompanying support and evaluation measures for the students were carried out by all the participating partners. After returning from their stay they got the Europass.

3. LLP project or related resource

    Trainees gain practis
    25 students of the Hertha Firnbergschulen and 19 partners located in Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Austria participated in the project. The students benefited from the project acquired professional experience which is important for their personal development as well as for their professional future. The project increased the students’ competencies in foreign languages and motivated for a cultural exchanges in future. Worked in an international environment, the trainees were able to establish professional contacts which can boost transnational mobility. In the school acquired knowledge was perfected through practice; the experience was gathered in the domain of service, reception and kitchen. The coherence between school learning and the economic reality can be assimilated more easily after this project.

4. LLP project or related resource

    Ivet-Venture: A participative approach to strengthen key competences of trainees
    “iVet-Venture” provides for an adventure that matters, in a place that matters. „iVet-Venture“ is a chance for trainees to step outside their comfort zone, to develop their confidence and resilience and to take one more step into the wider world of their futures. Trainees are learning in active ways beyond the classroom dealing with real life issues. The project highlights the unique way adolescents think and learn, and the effectiveness of a trainee-directed and problem-solving approach to acquiring key competences.

Part Three

CB4LLP Action Plan

Useful ideas

Perfect Match = when the right student is matched with the right SME so that the trainee is able to use his/her pre-existing skills and to learn something new – and the SME is able to use the pre-existing skills of the trainee, and potentially to learn something new too. As a result of a Perfect Match, both parties feel enriched.


SMEs, Trainees, Intermediary organisation, Sending organisation.


SMEs, and sending and receiving organisations from other countries.


Because matching is a process which does not finish when a trainee is matched with a hosting SME. Perfect Matching is a process which continues during the implementation of the work placement as well as in the follow-up activities, when the trainee and the host company become more aware about the benefits gained and the trainee might be asked to share his/her own experience with peers acting as an ambassador of learning mobility.




1. Selecting the trainees: select only motivated ones;
2. Supporting the trainees when they are making their application documents;
3. Ensuring that enough information is conveyed about the content of the education and training that the sending organisation provides;
4. Preparing the trainee;
5. Co-operating with the intermediary organisation regarding the practical arrangement of the placement;
6. Specifying the objectives in advance;
7. Providing the trainee with assessment forms;
8. Keeping contact with the trainee during the placement;
9. Studying the feedback of SME and that of the trainee;


Perfect Matches are important because they maximise the benefits of mobility for all parties – the quality of mobility improves:
· Trainees: the maximal improvement of both the soft and hard skills improves the trainee’s employability maximally; positive mobility experiences will help make the future workers more mobile
· SMEs: with perfect matching, the SMEs will also gain the maximum benefits from the placement.
· Vocational education: with perfect matching, there is a maximal exchange of know-how between VET and world of work (the hosting SME, VET, the following employer of the trainee); the quality of VET improves


Mailing, shared Google Drive


Mailing, skype, moodle

Educational Sector

Tools for intermediary organisations that enable them to match the right trainees with the right SMEs

Non educational

co-operation structures between the different actors



Systems for quality monitoring

external evaluator

Systems to document taken actions

online tools in all partners’ languages

Part Four

CB4LLP Impact analysis

Useful ideas















04_useful_ideas (value): 8
04_useful_ideas (text): 8

04_stakeholders (value): 8
04_stakeholders (text): 8

04_partnerships (value): 8
04_partnerships (text): 8

04_other (value): 8
04_other (text): 8

04_solutions (value): 9
04_solutions (text): 9

04_general (value): 8
04_general (text): 8

04_particular (value): 8
04_particular (text): 8

04_internal (value): 8
04_internal (text): 8

04_external (value): 9
04_external (text): 9

04_educational (value): 10
04_educational (text): 10

04_noneducational (value): 6
04_noneducational (text): 6

04_equipment (value): 8
04_equipment (text): 8

04_systems_monitor (value): 9
04_systems_monitor (text): 9

04_systems_actions (value): 8
04_systems_actions (text): 8

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