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Part One

TNAM Initiative / project description


Mission possible



Strutture di sostegno per i giovani (yia-na-action4)

Formazione e messa in rete degli operatori attivi nel campo dei giovani

CB4LLP helped us to the identification of needs and to find contents for our course.

This project, “Non formal competences in the labour market: mission possible!”, responds to a need that we found not only in our organization but also within several partner organizations throughout Europe. The truth is that often young people
either lack the required competences to successfully enter the labor market or actually lack recognition for the competences they have acquired in non-formal working environments.
Aware of how this problem is particularly relevant nowadays, in a context of global employment crisis with particular impact over young people, CSCS offered to help solving this common problem by creating an environment in which, through
common learning young people can develop their competences and together they can devise strategies to strive for stronger systems of recognition of competences.
So being, CSCS, as applicant and host organization assumes the main role in what regards devising and structuring this project, despite the obvious constant support and involvement of the partners in the decision making procedures. Hence,
CSCS will take care of all logistics (from arranging travels to the venue to securing an adequate location and all required materials) and will provide support to the participants (before and during the course, establishing constant communication
with them in order to understand their needs and interests). Moreover, we will contract expert trainers who can facilitate the learning process to the participants and contribute to the success of this project. Likewise, CSCS will take the main role
in granting visibility to the project and ensuring the dissemination of its results.

Keywords / TAGS
Training Course, workers, youth leaders, development of skills, labour market, cultural diversity, dialogue

Coordinator contact details

Dorota Zabdyr

Coordinator Country


Coordinator Region (NUTS code)

ITA, Tuscany


Youth Organisations


  • Labour market
  • Vocational guidance
  • Others

Target Groups

  • Groups
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  • Best practice


  • Education

Educational sector

  • Other sectors of adult education


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Part Two

TNAM results

1. LLP project or related resource

    HI 5 – Rhythm for success
    Employers often have unhelpful assumptions about young people, and frequently complain that they are not equipped for the world of work. In Rotterdam, the city’s port faced difficulties in attracting a younger and more diverse workforce. As an employer, they could not seem to attract candidates from a minority background, whilst young people would look at the corporate workforce and decide that this was not the type of workplace for them. How to break out of this negative cycle was a key issue.

    Large employers in Rotterdam now have a great service to address this in the form of Hi 5. This is an NGO that is led and run by young people which works with two client groups. On the one hand it helps corporate employers to diversify their workforce by assisting them to recruit talented young people from all backgrounds. On the other hand it works with young people to dispel some of their prejudices against particular employers, and to support them into work.

2. LLP project or related resource

    H20 and C03 programmes
    Both H2O and CO3 are funded through ESF and South Lanarkshire Council. H2O is made up of 3 main elements which provide a menu of opportunities for the young people to chose from and agree on to build their programme: Core skills, Life Skills and Challenges. Each programme lasts 12 weeks and can accommodate up to 15 young people in each area. Young people attend the programme 3 days per week 10am-3pm. Young people on the H2O programme have the opportunity to undertake a number of nationally accredited qualifications. The youth work approach allows participants to have ownership, decision making powers and take to responsibility for their learning while working as part of a large group. Young people from H20 often continue on to the CO3 sister programme to help them on the next stage to gaining employment.

    The C03 programme content is tailored specifically to meet the needs of this particular group of young people and is delivered using youth work methods that will ensure their engagement, participation and the development of their learning to increase their employability. The programme takes into account individual needs and aspirations of the young people involved and, as well as the more traditional aspects of employability training (CV creation, cover letter writing, skills assessment etc), it explores the fundamentals of the world of work for, and with, young people. As young people on the programme have often become disengaged from the education system and have chaotic lifestyles, the responsibilities involved in getting and holding on to a job (e.g. getting to work on time, following instruction, working on initiative when required) are explored in detail using workshop, forum and role play techniques.

    Educational opportunities are explored and help is provided with college course identification and application. The specialist skills and expertise of Skills Development Scotland staff is brought to the project to provide careers guidance and advice. Young people on CO3 have the opportunity to undertake Scottish Qualification Authority ‘Steps to Work’ employability awards.
    Partners: European Social Fund, Skills Development Scotland, Various Scottish volunteering agencies
    Various west of Scotland colleges, Various South Lanarkshire Council resources

    Presented at the Bridges to Work conference, Antwerp, 2011

    Target group
    A range of young people (16-19) who are not in education training or employment and have no positive destination including: those and who have low self esteem; are offenders or at risk of offending; are homeless; have very chaotic lifestyles; have no qualifications and who have issues around alcohol and substance abuse.

3. LLP project or related resource

    Young Future
    Target group
    Youth between 16 and 24 years.

    Aim and objectives
    The aim is to bridge over the gap between school and work


    For some project participants tend to project to get their real work, this must be highlighted and broken in an early stage.
    There is a big challenge in creating and communicating a new work and attitude. There have been different views of, among other officials, politicians, parents and teachers about the project purpose and justification.
    The main experience is of course always have the young in the center, build on what he wants and what goals he has. Then it’s up to the youth developer to break them down into measurable and realistic goals. It is also important to document and show the statistics that are relevant and which demonstrates the success of the project.
    Outcomes and results
    Young’s future should be seen as young people’s first step into the labor market and the content of activities based on youth’s long-term goals – to establish themselves in the labor force.


    To relate to the business and project participants in a workplace is a new way of approaching the problem on young people’s establishment difficulties in the labor market. Being in an environment that has similar requirements in the workplace, preparing youth for employment. The link to the outside world and the economy of the project is thus of great importance to all practice-related activities in the project.
    A Youth Bank is created in the project’s auspices to facilitate the contact between project participants and entrepreneurs. The idea of the Bank is to create a sustainable partnership in which young people meet entrepreneurs.
    Tips & Hints

    That the young have the continuity of everyday life and that it is filled with labor-oriented activities throughout the project.
    It is required all the time for close cooperation between different authorities and when problems arise, it is important that these are lifted immediately.
    It is also important that the young have an interface and to pedagogical explain this to the young so that the focus is on community establishment, instead of being passed around in the different body systems.
    The above problems can be about a rule interpretation, different approaches, and unclear responsibilities

4. LLP project or related resource

    I have an idea
    „Turiu idėją!/ I have an idea!“ – it is a project of Žemaitija region, whose aim – sharing process of idea generation, business plan writing experiences of enterprising youth in town communities.

    Youth organization „Versli karta/ Enterprising generation“ of Mažeikiai will bring 25 young entrepreneurs from Skuodas, Telšiai, Kuršėnai and Plungė, who desire to improve. The young businessmen will interactively spend five days in one of Mažeikiai region homesteads, where they will improve their knowledge of entrepreneurship, familiarize with local market, discuss youth unemployment theme, that is global and very important for the European Union, work in groups and generate ideas, which will finally become as the plans of business. One will seek to share this priceless experience with as many as possible audiences of small towns’ communities. Despite the website, created for the project, we will publish the special magazine, titled “Turiu idėją!/ I have an idea!”, which will include stories about got experience during project, told by project participants.

    We will prove that youth from smaller towns, getting less possibilities to improve, have got not much less business potential comparing with contemporaries from cities. Accordingly, this project may be one of solutions of youth unemployment problem. The project will be crowned with information tours to the same five regions, where the participants are from. Who else than your “neighbor” and contemporary can show that You also can be a creator? During the tours audience will be familiarized with business plans, born during the project, equally, together with local representatives of business, politics and other organizations discuss themes, that are current and interesting for youth. We believe good example may be contagious – become entrepreneur!

Part Three

CB4LLP Action Plan

Useful ideas

This Training Course, to be held in Pistoia between the 1st and the 8th september 2013, will bring together motivated youth workers and youth leaders active in the third sector from 10 European countries.
Nowadays, almost everyone is aware that the recent economic crisis is of great proportions and that, among many other tormenting results, it led to a huge increase in the Unemployment rates, with particular negative effects over young citizens. In this context, since they share a common and growing concern over this issue, the partner organizations decided to create this project and to explore means other than traditional (formal) education to support European policies
combating the perils of Youth Unemployment.
So, sharing as well the idea that “investing in young people is one of the best business plans”, we intend to inspire youth to develop the skills demanded by the European labour market, while simultaneously devising strategies to endorse the recognition of the above mentioned competences with tools such as the Youthpass and thus pursue the aim of achieving
higher Youth Employability rates.
In addition, profiting from a great diversity of partners, this TC also places cultural diversity and intercultural learning under the spotlight. In effect, we will also focus on fostering mutual understanding and promoting tolerance among young people insofar as Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue and Non-Discrimination will always be tackled by the selected
contents and methods.
Therefore, courtesy of the choice over non-formal education methods, we expect to actively involve the participants in the diverse working moments, sharing opinions, cooperating amongst themselves, learning from each other and ultimately conceiving project ideas together. In this way we intend to generate an experience of great personal and professional growth with significant development of skills and competences that, through the multiplier effect, could lead to the creation of similar initiatives in the places of origin of the participants and, in so doing, helping in create a virtuous circle to increase in youth employment that can be of huge value in a future within a globalised and transnational labour market.




Youth organisations from: IT, HR, CZ, GR, HU, LT, PL, PT, SI, GB


The Training course to be held in Pistoia. Accommodation and meals to be organized by the coordinator.


all in accordance with the contract signed with the National Agency


Finding the partners
writing and submitting the project
Signing the contract
Selection of youngsters and organizing last details
Training course
Financial and activity report



email, skype


articles in the local newspaper, on own website

Educational Sector

Training content

Non educational


Systems for quality monitoring

Monitoring the various phases of the project

Systems to document taken actions

Financial and activity report

Part Four

CB4LLP Impact analysis

Useful ideas















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