Train the trainers – VET tutoring and mentoring quality


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Part One

TNAM Initiative / project description


Train the trainers – VET tutoring and mentoring quality



Tutoring and mentoring of VET students in mobility is essential for the whole process. Young people need to be followed and someone should help them to evaluate their experience on a regular basis. These persons are directly responsibile for the quality of stay abroad because they are involved in matching, montoring and evaluation of internships. What is more, tutors and mentors support students also in their personal issues, they mediate and solve different conflicts which can raise in numerous groups. Tutors should be aware of thei role, well-prepared and trained on the regular basis.

Keywords / TAGS
tutoring, mentoring, mobility, quality

Coordinator contact details

Giovanni Crisonà,

Coordinator Country

German, Spain, England, Hungary, France, Poland

Coordinator Region (NUTS code)



schools, youth centers, training provideres, mobility facilitators


  • Continuous training
  • Lifelong learning
  • Quality
  • Recognition, transparency, certification
  • Vocational guidance

Target Groups

  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Careers officers


  • Best practice
  • Methods for Training of Teachers/Staff
  • Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning


  • Education

Educational sector

  • General secondary
  • Vocational/Technical secondary
  • Adult Education Provider
  • Centres for guidance, counselling or accreditation


additional info if needed


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Part Two

TNAM results

1. LLP project or related resource

    European Workplace Tutor
    Text VET personnel plays a central role in assuring quality of vocational training and increasingly faces the challenges of changes in the context of lifelong learning. In order to ensure that training personnel could respond to these challenges and promote the quality of vocational training in Europe, it is essential that they be provided with in-depth and high-level training. The European Workplace Tutor project aimed at delivering a high-quality European training programme for VET personnel.

    The project "European Workplace Tutor" aimed at the transfer of an innovative and high-level qualification for in-company training personnel. Based on the outcomes of the former it’s time project, it transfered and adapted the training programme "European Workplace Tutor". Issues such as permeability between educational sub-systems were addressed by transferring training content into a dual (university-based and vocational) curriculum and piloting its applicability.

    The project aimed at transferring the training contents of the European training programme "European Workplace Tutor" to new countries (Romania, Spain, Hungary) as well as transferring training contents to new educational sub-systems (development of a dual curriculum for two training locations: university and vocational training). For this purpose, we developed a joint European learning outcome profile as a basis for the training. This programme was assigned to an EQF level and had been sub-divided into learning outcome units in order to test assignment of credit points.

2. LLP project or related resource

    ROQET – Road to excellence in the training Quality process. Key competences of the trainer tutor in
    ROQET focused on the transfer of a procedure for self-assessment of competences by teachers/trainers in VET based on volutarism and anonymity. By its improvement, implementation, testing and evaluation, the project has brought these practitioners the possibility to evaluate themselves, to compare their results with those from their students/trainees and to identify areas of improvement and the appropriate strategies.

    ROQET aimed at supporting the Quality of the Vocational Education & Training systems in the participating countries (Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Hungary, Greece and Germany) by the continuos improvement of teachers/trainers competences.
    The goals and objectives were the creation, development and implementation of a procedure for the self-assessment of competences, taking as a reference the European Common Quality Assurance Framework.
    The methodology the project relied on is based on the Deming Cycle shaped by 4 phases: to plan objectives and tasks, to implement activities, to check the results and to act correspondingly.
    The self-assessment procedure allows also teachers/trainers to compare their own results with those from their students/trainees as well as headmasters are able to compare the results of all teachers/trainers in an aggregated way at organizational level.

3. LLP project or related resource

    Learning Mentor
    Employee-oriented counselling with regard to professional development is a key factor to encourage and win individuals to take part in lifelong learning. To bring up and strengthen an approach for a structured competence model for a counsellor as a learning mentor was the main focus of this project. The project developed a recognised qualification for Learning Mentors within the education and training systems of five EU-countries – with the possibility to transfer it to other EU member states due to its embedding in the EQF. The project made a first approach to professionalize career counseling on the shop floor and made the necessity of a workplace based “promoter” for lifelong learning visible. This promoter cared about possibilities in regard to individual career development as well as about continuously training on the shop floor/in the production lines

4. LLP project or related resource


Part Three

CB4LLP Action Plan

Useful ideas

A project should help tutors and mentors to share best practices and exchange ideas for their daily work. Thanks to the project tutors from different contexts could receive support and update their knowledge.


mobility agencies, educational institutions, youth worker, job counsellors


A group of stakeholders from various EU countries which work directly with tutors and mentors


The idea is to develop a Training Course designed for tutors and mentors. The training should last approximately one week and should provide tutors and mentors with useful tools, needed in their daily work.


The project will be divided into tasks to be done by each partner, will be monitored by the coordinator and payments will be effected as agreed at the beginning of the project and foreseen by the contract with the National Agency.


This course will be suitable for use in schools, colleges, training centres and other organisations working with students in mobility



Email and skype, partner meetings.
A website will also be created.


Activity Reports from partners to coordinator every 3 months.
Activity and Financial Reports to the NA.

Educational Sector

the Training Course, teaching materials

Non educational

Brochure, posters


DVD, website

Systems for quality monitoring

Feedback from partners will be requested on various aspects (communication, understanding of the tasks, self assessment of quality, etc.). All this will generate reports on quality and will help the coordinator better understand the situation. Activity reports and financial reports will also help the monitoring.

Systems to document taken actions

Activity reports, dissemination and exploitation reports.

Part Four

CB4LLP Impact analysis

Useful ideas















04_useful_ideas (value): 9
04_useful_ideas (text): 9

04_stakeholders (value): 8
04_stakeholders (text): 8

04_partnerships (value): 9
04_partnerships (text): 9

04_other (value): 7
04_other (text): 7

04_solutions (value): 8
04_solutions (text): 8

04_general (value): 8
04_general (text): 8

04_particular (value): 8
04_particular (text): 8

04_internal (value): 7
04_internal (text): 7

04_external (value): 9
04_external (text): 9

04_educational (value): 8
04_educational (text): 8

04_noneducational (value): 9
04_noneducational (text): 9

04_equipment (value): 7
04_equipment (text): 7

04_systems_monitor (value): 9
04_systems_monitor (text): 9

04_systems_actions (value): 8
04_systems_actions (text): 8

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