The work done by Javier Morales is an example of methodological excellence.

Javier Morales Lapuerta

Javier is a veteran of its profession and helped thousands of young people without families through the Children’s Residence ‘Parla’ of Madrid.
The residence comprises an educational team working on the socialization of children and adolescents and on their inclusion in groups related to leisure activities, sport, art and urban and intercity camps. Educators are also committed to design additional activities, many of them aimed at promoting creativity.
Children are attended every day of the year by an educational team composed by professionals specialized in residential care. Their work consist in taking care of young people and supporting their families in overcoming the dysfunctions that led to the measure of protection.
The work done by Javier and his team of experts is very high quality and extremely professional. Operators are increasingly facing problems with the support of the group and their work is an example of methodological and exceptional human excellence.

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