The New Skills Agenda for Europe has been launched by the European Commission


The highly interactive event to launch the New Skills Agenda for Europe offered to Capacitybuilders interesting opportunities to network and build partnerships for skills.

The actions of the New Skills Agenda focus on improving the quality and relevance of skills formation, making skills and qualifications more visible and comparable, as well as improving skills intelligence and information for better career choices.

The commitment of Europe in this issue unfortunately faces a number of challenges as e.g.:

– an unacceptably high proportion of Europeans still struggling with reading and writing,

– a 30% of higher education graduates working in jobs which do not need a university qualification,

– too few people with the preparation, mind-sets and competences to set up their own businesses or look for new opportunities.

For this reason the Commission adopted a new and comprehensive Skills Agenda for Europe on 10 June 2016 New Skills Agenda for Europein which ten actions have been proposed to help equip people with better skills.

The launch event gathered an audience from a wide spectrum of employment and education stakeholders and featured high-level speakers from European and international institutions.

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