News has been inaugurated in Pistoia

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15380372 1723905821259291 8025231904553404628 n has been inaugurated the past 5 December 2016 in Pistoia.

The event was a huge success. It was attended by representatives of schools and professionals, well-known local entrepreneurs, banks, cooperatives and associations. The feedback from participants has been brilliant. In addition, the participation of citizens was wide and higher than expected.

Start-ups both underway and in an early stage also participated in the initiative and attended the presentation of the grant of 140.000 € addressed to them. New entrepreneurs were curious about the services provided by the incubator, especially the innovation support and the promotion of new businesses.

The inauguration also drew groups of youngsters with new planning ideas, aspiring chefs and web applications experts interested in the services of the incubator.

On the occasion of the European Vocational Skills Week, the event included also the presentation of the project that involves CSCS with a network of leading organizations, including Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat Research Centre (CRF) of Turin and SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, in cooperation with research centres and accreditation and regulatory bodies.

The initiative was considered critical for the economic development of the territory by all the organizations involved.


The piloting on the Curriculum 'Advanced Composite Repair Training' has been carried out the last November 2016

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The training piloting on the Curriculum 'Advanced Composite Repair Training (EQF- 5)' has been carried out from 14 to 18 November 2016 in Technical Education Copenhagen TEC, Denmark. 

TEC Team designed the training and involved 5 technicians from Scandinavian Airlines System SAS during 5 days for a total of 30 hours. 

The piloting aimed at testing the effectiveness of the curriculum before to distribute it widely. For this reason, it provided a full evaluation process to assess teaching methods, content, theoretical lectures, hand-on hours, materials, issues of timing and flow, as well as the general effectiveness of the training. 

Such process included a final individual assessment for each unit, a Trainee’s Evaluation of the training, a Trainer Evaluation of Curriculum Materials and a Curriculum Evaluation Feedback from the organization. 

Trainee’s feedback will be taken into account to develop and update the training curriculum. will be inaugurated in Pistoia the next 5 December

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User Rating:  / 0 will be inaugurated in Pistoia as a result of a collaboration among CSCS, an intermediary organization of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the schools and the social partners of the territory.

The inauguration, that will be held during the European Vocational Skills Week, represents a good opportunity to launch the incubator's activities and introduce youngsters and citizens to its services and offer.

The event will include the presentation of the grant of 140,000 Euros addressed to startups located in Pistoia. In addition a continuing professional education seminar targeted at teachers will be held in collaboration with the association Prometeo Fare Sapere with the aim to improve their capacities in the field of entrepreneurial skills and transition from school to work.

The initiative is promoted in collaboration with the consortium and includes the presentation of the targets and deliverables.

The inauguration will take place the next 5 December 2016 in via Puccini 80, Pistoia, starting from 17h. Shirts, pens and key memories branded with the event logo will be available for participants.

For more information on the European Vocational Skill Week please visit #EUVocationalSkills#DiscoverYourTalent

Skillman participated in the the 4rd meeting of the GEAR 2030 on the competitiveness of the EU automotive sector

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The Working Group on Adaptation of the EU Value Chain of GEAR 2030 held the 4rd meeting of the Project Team the last 21 November in Brussels.

The new High Level Group for the automotive industry (GEAR) was launched in 2016 by the European Commission to ensure a co-ordinated approach and to address the challenges faced by the European automotive industry.

Skillman participated in the meeting with a presentation of Fabio Croci (CSCS) on available tools and best practices in boosting competitiveness and growth in the automotive sector. The project has been considered by EC as important as its own initiatives to improve the transport industry and face new challanges raised by globalisation.   

For more information on GEAR 2030, please, visit:

Skillman will be presented at the European Commission during the European Vocational Skills Week

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Skillman will be presented by Giovanni Crisoná and Fabio Croci (CSCS) at the European Business Forum on Vocational Training on Thursday, 8 December. The forum will take place within the European Vocational Skills Week, an international event aimed to improve the attractiveness of vocational education and training, showcase excellence and quality, and raise awareness on a wide range of opportunities.

The agenda will include a series of workshops in which the Skillman's representatives have been invited to take part:

  • Making apprenticeships attractive - the European Alliance for Apprenticeships,
  • VET : a pathway to excellence – the role of Vocational education and training (VET) and professional higher education (PHE) providers,
  • Mobility in VET and apprenticeships - the value of international experience,
  • Focus on VET research - strengthening the evidence base,
  • Building skills for sectors - the role of Sector Skills Alliances and Councils.

Giovanni Crisoná and Fabio Croci will participate also in the Closing Event on Friday, 9 December.

For more information please visit: