Capacitybuilders Role and Activities

There are many people in the world engaged in their territorial development. They are usually called stakeholders to mean that they are significant for their territories.

Stakeholders take every day relevant decisions on food needs, environment, security, resources, health, education and more and more and for these decisions they are also called decision makers. They have to know, how to deal with any human matters and this is a very complex duty.

Within the CB4LLP Consortium actions, all these stakeholders/decision makers are considered Capacity Builders and are client of a service aimed to boost their own knowledge and capacities in making better their own job.

Stakeholders face many time the capacity development issues and have to face also many problems and for this reason they need to share their individual experiences. Their common approach is most of the time natural: they use their own knowledge, the support of consultants, the existing literature, other citizens ideas and support, sometime they also refer to their friends suggestions, personal networks and so on…

CB4LLP aims to support Capacity Builders offering them a method where they enrols learning activities and experiment the advantage of the LLP resources valorisation. The service offered is well detailed in the interactive online chart CB4LLP Services chart.

Capacity Builders need every day new solutions and innovation and we help them in this aim thanks to the participatory activities that our method foreseen.

With CB4LLP method the role of Capacity Builder is active and provides the sharing of needs and knowledge with other Capacity Builders.

With a three steps workshops drive, we facilitate a logic and fruitful access to all the results of European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme that has involved thousand and thousand of stakeholders, researchers, teachers, universities and schools, in producing solutions. This huge reserve of knowledge is at our disposal and the activities carried out by Capacity Builders participants during CB4LLP assistance assure the complete valorisation and multiplication of the results.

All the solutions developed, are collected and available for free, but to have advantages from this it’s necessary to know how to find the right solution, in between of thousands. Our capacity building for lifelong learning programme method want be the solution. A simple method to learn how to find the right answer to a need.

The method consist in: analyse; search and find an existing solution and finally, to give the opportunity to any Capacity Builder to implement it.

Capacity Builders invited to join our method can belong to any human development sector, like for example: human resources; organisational development; institutional, and legal frame work.

We provide tools and methodologies, to equip Capacity Builders with understanding, skills and competences, to incorporate, European Lifelong Learning Programme, projects and results, into their activities and strategies and if you are a Capacity Builder and you are interested to join us, please fill the online form.

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