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CB4LLP creates methodologies and practical tools that directly support the dissemination and effective exploitation of LLP projects’ results, improve sectoral, regional, national and European level Capacity Building, and promote the exploitation of cross-cutting and EU-level actions. CB4LLP activities point at Human Resources Development CB4LLP creates tools and methodologies necessary to equip Capacity Builders with the […]

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Under the Lifelong Learning Programme’s transversal key activity 4 “Dissemination and exploitation of results”, the CB4LLP consortium has started to incorporate Lifelong Learning Programme projects’ results into individual, organisational and institutional development strategies, to create and to promote new Capacity Building methodologies and practical tools for stakeholders at sectoral, regional, national and international levels.

CB4LLP consortium aims to revolutionize specific Capacity Building processes to bring up better LLP projects’ results to sectoral, regional, national and international stakeholders’ attention and to consequently enhance their level of ability to include them into their development strategies.


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