Aracne Euroevent. Innovation in vocational training, empowerment and social entrepreneurship.



The European Conference on Innovation in professional Training, Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship was organized the last 23 June 2016 by CSCS, Fam and Lias and Blickpunkt Identität under the slogan #repensandolainsercion.

In the conference, CSCS gave a presentation on ‘Socio-Labour Insertion in Europa. Success, limitations and challenges’ and was included also in the two sessions on the ‘Sample of Experiences’ dedicated to success Keys within the labour insertion processes.

The event was carried out by the Aracne Project funded by the ERASMUS + program and aimed at designing an innovative methodology in the field of employment of groups with social disadvantage.

The methodological proposal of ARACNE has been developed from the study of innovative projects in the field of social and labor integration at an European level, identifying those processes that generate permanent changes in target people and in the the working environment in which they operate.

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